The question: Do you want to buy genuine lands or you want lands sold at a particular site.

Many real estate companies in Ghana and individuals who claim to have lands for sale

have made away with people’s investment/money.

During my research, I have realized that the problem is partly from the buyers. Many people who want to buy lands in Ghana fail to do the necessary background checks before buying the lands. Some also prefer cheaper options to genuine options.

Lands for sale in Accra
Buy land from genuine sources

I mostly get people asking me if I have lands for sale at specific locations, they continue to explain that most people are buying from those areas and therefore once you mention those locations, they are willing to pay to have the land.

About 90% of these people end up being duped and later make the statement that “there’s no genuine land or real estate in Ghana/Accra” which is far from that.

What point am I arriving at? I am trying to say that, buying land is a profitable investment only if you are buying genuine lands from genuine sources (Real Estate Companies). Think about the following,

  •  Do I want to buy land or I want to buy genuine land?
  •   Do I want to buy at a place nearer or I want a fast-developing area?
  •   Everyone is buying at “place A” is that the reason why I also want to buy there or its genuine
  •   Am I buying from a genuine company/ individual or am buying because the land is been sold at an already developed area?
  •  Is the land genuine or am in need of land and so I don’t mind?

By considering all the above, you will come to the realization that it is better to buy a land at Tsopoli near the government’s affordable housing or near Central University at Dawhenya on the Accra-Aflo Highway or other good places and have the land secured forever.

You will end up loosing all your investments. Invest wisely, Invest with Kings City Real Estate Limited


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