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Many people who already have homes do not see the need to continue buying properties especially land.

In this article,

I will be giving you 4 major reasons why buying land even when you already have a home is a necessity and not an option.

1.       To build wealth

Land should not only be purchased for purposes of building a new home to house oneself. Land value appreciates with time.

You can buy land and resell it when its value appreciates that’s how you build wealth. Look around your neighborhood, how much were the lands selling for 5 years ago and how much are they selling now? For instance, in Tema Community 25, plots of land were selling for GH₵15,000 – GH₵20,000 5years ago, but today lands are selling for U$D 60,000 – U$D 100,000 per plot and that also depends on its availability.

So while you work, why not invest in buying genuine plots from Kings City Real Estate Ltd and set yourself and household on the path to wealth? Most wealthy men, Donald Trump – US president etc became wealthy through real estate, the famous rich Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, a Ghanaian member of parliament for Assin North Constituency in the central region of Ghana in a recent interview on Yfm (a local Ghanaian radio) revealed that he acquired wealth through land acquisition among other things and so he advised the youth to acquire more properties if they want to build lasting wealth. Property is wealth.

2.       As security against uncertainties

Uncertainties are part of life, but our preparedness to mitigate their impact on our lives is what keeps us afloat when they arrive. Take for instance the recent take-over of banks by government of Ghana which resulted in many job losses, the Covid-19 pandemic which plummet companies into bankruptcy leaving millions jobless. Imagine the adverse effects of uncertainties.

A plot of land or two could resuscitate your life, ambitions, prevent your children from dropping out of their dream school and reposition you on the path to success.

3.       Legacy for your children

Among the many things every parent desires for their children, property – land (cheapest of properties) can’t be an exception. It is said that tomorrow is not promised and that’s why every parent must make it a point to leave a legacy for their children if they want them to remain prepared for life.

A plot of land or two for your child will not only enable them build their dream homes but will also serve as a springboard to make them realize their full potential in life.

Lands for sale in Accra4.       Land is the best investment ever.

Arguably, property especially land is the best ever investment with guaranteed highest returns –ROI. Today in Ghana, the investment vehicles are Treasure Bills and Fixed Deposits with interest rate at between a little over 14-16% per annum depending on period and amount one is investing (https://www.bog.gov.gh/treasury-and-the-markets/treasury-bill-rates/). These rates are so little compared with the returns on land resale.

With the above liquid investments, most often one needs to deposit the amount to be invested at once. It is not the same with land purchase especially with Kings City Real Estate Ltd, you could choose a flexible, stress-free 6 – 12months payment plan for a plot of land that sells for as low as GH₵10,000.

While you pay, the value of the land appreciates tremendously and within 2 years you could make almost double the amount you bought the land for whereas it will take one about 5-6 years to make substantial returns on liquid investments like the Treasure Bill and the Fixed Deposits.

Why not invest in lands from Kings City Real Estate Ltd today?

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