Reasons Why You Should Invest In Buying Land at The Airport City

According to Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.”

In Ghana, most of the prominent and most successful people invested in the real estate business.
Sarkodie (a musician) in his popular song titled “Hand to mouth”, Advised the Youth to invest their money in buying lands.
The African American musician Akon was in Ghana recently for the Year of Return and during one of his dialogs advised African Americans to invest in lands in Ghana. It is not a surprise anymore to know that investing in Lands/ real estate is a very profitable business.

Here are reasons why you should invest in Lands at the newly proposed AIRPORT CITY (Tsopoli)

Tsopoli is about 8 minutes drive form Central University-Dodowa on the Accra – Aflo road and has been Landmarked to host the biggest Airport in West Africa.

Buying a land at Tsopoli simply means you will be owing a land in an airport area. As if its not enough, A land bought today at Four Thousand Cedis (4000) could become Ten Thousand Cedis (10000) in the next two years or even $10,000 when the government cuts Sod for construction of the Airport. This is a great investment idea. Isn’t it?. For people who really understands investment, this is the biggest news to come across this days. This tells you why investors are rushing to purchase lands at Tsopoli and its environs.

There’s something more exciting here. About 93% of the people buying the lands are buying from Kings City Real Estates Limited. Their site has been named The Kings Cottage and is selling at a mind blowing 4,000 cedis for half plots and 8,000 cedis for full plots.

But why is everyone buying Lands from Kings City Real Estate Limited? Is it because of the low prices? No! When it comes to investment in real estates, people expect the following

  1. Litigation free Lands
  2. Titled lands
  3. Serviced plots
  4. Highly secured plots
  5. Gated communities etc.

This and more are exactly what Kings City Real Estate gives. For the past 5 years, Kings City has no issue with their customers, our lands are always genuine and litigation free.

You can also own a plot of land at the proposed Airport City Today from Kings City Real Estates Limited.

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