Reasons why Ghanaians in the Diaspora are contacting Kings City for their lands, site plan, building plan, construction needs etc.

Gone were the days when people living outside Ghana buy properties through their family members, close relatives or even friends. The risks involved in using these people is understood to be very high.
there have been several occasions where Ghanaians living outside give monies to their family or friends to buy them properties and these family and friends end up using the money to enrich themselves.

Why Kings City

The emergence of real estate companies and brokers have helped to solve these problems to some extent.
People willing to buy properties understand that, using a real estate company or broker will save you the issue of being duped by a family or a friend.
In one of my articles in 2019, I listed the 10 Ghanaian real-estate companies to contact when buying a land, house, looking for a construction service or land survey services.

One of the companies listed in my article is now tagged the number one destination for property buyers in Ghana.
Their services include
1. Sale of Genuine Lands
2. Design of building plans
3. Construction of Houses
4. Land, Survey, GIS, Mapping and Land registration/Documentation
5. Real Estate investment advisory services


Kings City Real Estate
Kings City real estate and land sale

They have gained a huge social media following within the last few years. Kings City have been in existence for six years but research show that they are rising fast to be the Number one real estate company in Ghana. They have built a good reputation with excellent, customer service and a good social media review.

They also have ridiculously low prices compared to their competitors
Current research on the price charged by real estate companies for land sales shows that they have the lowest charge for a piece of plot. For example, At Tsopoli in the Ningo Prampram District (The land-marked proposed Airport City) The lowest price sold for a 70/100 plot is GHS 10,000 by other real estate companies. Kings City is selling same size (70/100) for GHS 8,000 and have theirs at a better location, directly opposite the proposed Airport city.

The also have flexible payment system for outright, 3months 6 months and 12 months.

With their recent promotion on building plans they give up to 25% discount on all building plans.
Wouldn’t you rather contact them for genuine services? If you are a Ghanaian living in the diaspora or you want to acquire a property in Ghana, talk to them now www.kingscityghana.com
or contact 0303975061/0267598662

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