Owning land in Ghana is a profitable investment

Reals estate lands in Ghana are used for many purposes including residential, commercial, industrial and investment.

Two years ago, I bought a plot of land at Oborpah Djekiti (a village on the Koforidua – Asesewa road).

The price of the full plot at that time was 2,500 cedis, I had wanted to buy two plots but all I could afford was one plot. Two years after, I went to the same place to buy another plot since I could now afford more than one plot, to my surprise a plot of land bought at 2,500 cedis is now selling at 7,500 at the same area. What even surprised me the more is the fact that all the lands around mine has been bought and paid for and no one is even willing to sell the ones closer to me.

I realized investing in land is more profitable in Ghana than buying a treasury bill. The current treasury bill interest rate in Ghana is 14%, had I invested my money in buying treasury bill, my profit in two years would be 700 cedis adding to the principal in two years is 2500 + 700 = 3200

Now a land bought for 2500 is selling at 7500 the profit is 7500 -2500 = 5000

that is 300% in two years and if I sell it now, I would be getting 7500 instead of 3200

This tells you why the youth in Ghana are always been advised to invest in genuine and litigation free lands.

For a genuine and litigation free land, there’s one name that is rising very fast in the Real estate business, this company has been marked to be among the fastest growing real estate company in Ghana in 2020 and to be among the top 3 destination for property owners in Ghana because of the services they render. Kings City Real Estate Limited.

I personally recommend them those who need lands for investment and those who need residential and commercial lands because they understand that, buying land is not only for building but can also be a source of investment.

By Batsa Isaac



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